How to Repair a Hole / Pothole in Concrete Floor


The concrete floor in your garage or basement sometimes takes a fair amount of abuse. Although repairs to small cracks and pits can be done quickly, repairing holes or potholes requires a little more effort. Repairing a hole or pothole in a concrete floor is not just a simple matter of pouring concrete into the hole. You need to prepare the hole to ensure that the patch adheres properly and does not pop out over time.

Things You'll Need

  • Cold chisel
  • Hammer
  • Stiff wire brush
  • Shop vac or house vacuum
  • Concrete bonding agent
  • Metal can
  • Paint brush
  • Cement
  • Wheelbarrow or bucket
  • Garden hoe
  • Steel trowel
  • Board (1 foot wider than hole)
  • Rags
  • Wood trowel
  • Remove the loose concrete from the hole. This helps give you a better idea of the size of the hole. Chip the sides of the hole as straight as possible with a cold chisel and hammer. Remove the concrete debris as you work.

  • Level the bottom of the hole with the chisel and hammer. Once the sides and bottom are level, cut a 1-inch channel around the bottom perimeter of the hole. This channel helps prevent the concrete patch from popping out over time.

  • Brush the sides and bottom of the hole with a stiff wire brush. The brush will remove any loose edges of concrete. Vacuum the hole with a shop vac or home vacuum to remove as much debris as possible.

  • Pour the concrete bonding agent into an old metal can or other metal container. Brush the bonding agent around the interior sides and bottom of the hole.

  • Mix the cement with water in a wheelbarrow or a 5-gallon bucket using a garden hoe, according to the directions on the bag of cement. Scoop out the finished concrete with a trowel and press it into the channel around the bottom perimeter of the hole.

  • Add more concrete to the hole with the trowel. Periodically poke the concrete with a stick in several areas to remove air bubbles. Fill the hole with concrete until there is a 1-inch mound above the surrounding floor level.

  • Place the board over one end of the hole, with the ends of the board on the solid concrete floor. Move the board back and forth like you are sawing with it. Slide the board across the hole while moving it back and forth. This levels the concrete patch with the surrounding floor. Scoop up the excess concrete with the trowel and wipe up the residue with a rag.

  • Smooth the surface of the patch with a wood trowel once the wet sheen disappears from the concrete. Move the trowel in a wide fanning motion, which helps blend the edges of the patch with the surrounding floor. Continue this smoothing several times as the concrete patch cures.

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