How to Remove a Toyota Truck Power Steering Pump


The power steering pump gives a hydraulic assist every time you turn the steering wheel, helping the wheels of your Toyota truck turn with surprisingly little effort for such a large vehicle. While these instructions are specific to the 2000 Toyota Tacoma truck, they serve as a general guide for how to remove a power steering pump from most models and production years of Toyota trucks.

Things You'll Need

  • Ratchet and socket setClean turkey basterClean ragPulley holding tool
  • Disconnect and isolate the negative battery cable from your Toyota truck's battery. Then disconnect the high-tension lines from the distributor and the air lines at the air valve to allow access to the power steering pump. In some truck models you may need to remove the air cleaner, too---just loosen and remove the bolts holding it in place, then lift it away.

  • Use a clean turkey baster to suck some fluid out of the power steering fluid reservoir tank. Remove the fluid return hose from the power steering pump and wrap a clean rag around the end to protect it from debris.

  • Separate the pressure line from the pump---you may need to remove a bolt and gasket to do so. If you remove the gasket, discard it and make sure to have a new one on hand when it's time to replace the power steering pump or install a new one.

  • Loosen the drive belt pulley retaining nut, then loosen the adjuster bolt holding the idler pulley in place. Move the idler pulley inward just enough to remove the drive belt.

  • Remove the power steering pulley along with the Woodruff key, the half-moon shaped metal tab holding it in place. You may need to use a pulley holding tool to keep the pulley from turning as you loosen the nut holding it in place and pull the Woodruff key out.

  • Pull the power steering pump away from the engine. If there's an O-ring behind it---a ring of black plastic shaped like an O---remove this as well and discard it. You'll need to install a new O-ring once you're ready to replace the pump or install a new one.

Tips & Warnings

  • Make sure that the turkey baster you used to siphon away power steering fluid doesn't make its way back to the kitchen.
  • Never work in the engine compartment of your vehicle without first disconnecting and isolating the negative battery cable.

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