How to Troubleshoot Master Spas


Master Spas are known to be of high quality and built to be very reliable. They can provide a foot massage with a foot jet pump and have multiple seating depths. The spas have a low energy consumption and are generally low maintenance. As with any spa, however, you will likely run into some issues. Try troubleshooting them on your own before you spend the money on a repairman.

  • Check to see if the control panel displays any messages if nothing on the spa operates. Depending on what the message says, if there is one, you will need to refer to your Owner's Manual to locate the diagnostic section on your particular model. The manual will tell you what your particular message means and the steps that need to be taken to resolve the problem.

  • Press the "Jets" button on the control panel if the pump is not operating. If the pumps try to operate at this point, check to see that all the slice valves are open. They are located around the top of your spa. Your pump may also need to be primed. You'll need to loosen the union on the discharge of the pump, causing water to leak out Once that is done, tighten the union and test the pump for proper jet flow. You can find a diagram for this in your Owner's Manual. If this does not solve your problem, check to make sure the air controls are open. They also are located on the top of your spa. If none of these actions help getting your pump to work, you will need to call a repairman.

  • Make sure the pump is working if the jets are performing poorly. If the pump is working correctly, check to make sure the water level is high enough. It needs to be up to the minimum safe water level side. Also ensure that the jets and the air controls are open. Finally, clean any dirty filters.

  • Check to see if the (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter) GFCI breaker has been tripped if the spa is not heating. This may have been caused by a component of the spa or by some electrical issue. You may have a faulty GFCI breaker. There may also have been power fluctuations or a miswire. You'll need to contact an electrician to handle this problem.

  • Check the water temperature at the control panel if the spa is not heating but the GFCI breaker has been been tripped. Also check to see if the control panel gives any diagnostic messages. See what "heating mode" the spa is set to. It should be in "std." See if there is a heater light indicator or thermostat icon on the control panel. If you see a light or the icon is moving, the spa should be heating. Wait about one hour and test the water again.

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