How to Make a Copper Stamped Bracelet


Copper has a beautiful color and makes an economical alternative to sterling silver when making custom jewelry. This tutorial will explain how to take a piece of copper sheet metal and turn it into a stunning stamped copper cuff bracelet to add to your fashion jewelry collection.

Things You'll Need

  • 18 gauge copper sheet
  • hammer or mallet
  • steel block
  • alphabet stamps
  • Gather your tools and materials. Measure the wrist of the person for whom you are making the unique jewelry.

  • Purchase (or cut) a piece of 18 gauge copper sheet metal 1 inch wide by seven (7) inches long (or the length needed to make the bracelet for the wrist you measured). If you do not know how to cut sheet metal, see our eHow How to Use a Jewelry Saw at or click the link in the resource section of this article.

  • Sand the copper sheet metal until there are no scratches on the surface of the metal and it is ready to be formed, stamped and used as fashion jewelry. If you do not know how to sand metal, see our eHow How to Use Sand Paper at or click the link in the resource section of this article.

  • File the sheet metal you cut until it is quite smooth and comfortable.

  • Place the copper sheet metal on the steel block and stamp the copper with the phrase or design you desire. For example, this copper cuff bracelet is stamped "Nocere Vivere Est," the school motto of a Washington,DC private school.

  • Form the copper sheet metal into the shape of a bracelet using a raw hide hammer or plastic mallet and a bracelet mandrel.

  • Hammer the edge of the formed copper with a forming hammer to harden, thicken and add a decorative look to the cuff bracelet.

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