How to Redo Your Garage


Should you redo your garage to gain some space and peace in your life? Does your garage look like a dark hole where you can't find any of the items you know must be there? Maybe these ideas will head you in the right direction.

Things You'll Need

  • Storage bins
  • Inexpensive shelving
  • Used cabinets
  • Door mat
  • Shoe bins
  • Boxes
  • Coat hooks
  • To redo your garage, divide and conquer: Put all items that should be in the trash in the trash! This alone may give you more space. Don't throw away anything that can be donated.

  • Use storage containers, boxes or cabinets to organize like items in the garage: All soccer equipment can be together. Tools should be in another container, etc.

  • Put items in areas that make sense: Shouldn't garden equipment be near the garage exit door? Hang as many of these items on the garage wall as you can.

  • Put a good quality mat near the garage door: This may actually encourage some to wipe their feet.

  • Place wall hooks near the back garage door so outerwear used regularly can be in a handy spot.

  • Add a shoe bin to your garage: This will give everyone a place for shoes you don't want anywhere near the house.

  • Use higher shelves or locking cabinets made for garage storage for dangerous items: If you have cleaning supplies, insecticides and the like in your garage, place these well out of reach.

  • After you redo your garage, make a list of what you have: If you are putting items in closed containers in your garage, consider making a list of what is where.

Tips & Warnings

  • For garage shelves and cabinets-buy used items from garage sales or thrift stores.
  • Photo Credit Pat Anthony 2009
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