How to Display Souvenir Spoons


Some people like to collect souvenir spoons as a memento of a trip or significant event. Instead of hiding the collection in a china cabinet, show your souvenir spoon collection in unusual, decorative ways. If any spoons are particularly valuable, put them someplace safe and concentrate on using spoons that are highly decorative but have little value. Place your spoons in interesting locations where you and visitors to your home can enjoy them.

  • Make a centerpiece with travel spoons by finding an appropriate container such as a souvenir coffee mug (or grouping of coffee mugs) or a flower pot and fill the bottom with floral foam. Stick spoons in at different heights. Add floral moss to cover the foam. Take one large serving spoon and stick it in the middle of the foam, handle down, as a central focus. Tie a ribbon around the top of the spoon.

  • Use strong glue to glue spoons to cabinet hardware to make unusual handles and knobs for cabinets.

  • Glue backs of spoons to long strips of ribbon. Hang ribbons on the wall to create a display.

  • Twist thin wire to make a hook. Hook into spoons with an open arch or circle at the top of the handle and attach to a shabby chic light fixture.

  • Place a core of Styrofoam in the center of a clear glass ginger jar. Fill in the sides with souvenir travel spoons.

  • Paint an artist’s canvas a solid color. Glue spoons in measured increments over the canvas to create a "grid" of spoons as decorative art.

Tips & Warnings

  • Use your imagination to make fun displays of souvenir spoons!
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