How to Change the Oil in a Honda HS622 Snowblower


Anyone who has had to shovel endless piles of snow would agree that it's not a pleasant experience. Fortunately, snowblowers offer a much-needed alternative for millions of people across the country living in frigid weather conditions. Ensuring that your snowblower is properly maintained will maximize its performance when you need it most. This guide provides information on how to change the oil in a Honda HS622 snowblower.

Things You'll Need

  • Honda HS622 snowblower owner's manual 10mm wrench Motor oil Wood blocks or rocks Drain pan Sealable container

How to Change the Oil in a Honda HS622 Snowblower

  • Prepare your snowblower for the oil change. Remove the ignition key. Block the wheels with wood blocks or rocks to prevent movement while being serviced. Place a drain pan below the oil plug to retain used oil.

  • Drain the oil. Remove the filler cap. Remove the drain plug with the 10mm wrench included in the machine's tool kit. Allow the used oil to drain completely into the drain pan. Replace the drain plug and tighten it securely.

  • Fill the crankcase with motor oil. Ensure the oil is the amount and weight specified in the owner's manual. Check oil with the dipstick to ensure that it is filled to the proper level. Replace the filler cap and tighten it securely.

  • Properly dispose of the used motor oil. Place the oil in a sealed container and bring it to your nearest recycling center or service station. Never discard oil in the trash, pour it down the drain or spill it on the ground.

  • Perform scheduled oil maintenance. Check the oil level after each use. Change the oil after the first 20 hours of operation or once a year before operation, whichever comes first.

Tips & Warnings

  • Performing the oil change while the engine is warm will ensure speedy and complete draining. SAE 5W-30 motor oil is suggested for general use. Use 4-stroke motor oil that meets the requirements for API service classification SF or SG. Make sure the oil container label contains the letters SF or SG.
  • Under heavy use, the oil may need to be changed more frequently than specified. Using 2-stroke oil may harm the engine. Refer to your Honda HS622 snowblower owner's manual for official operation and maintenance guidelines.

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