How To Make Barrette Hair Bows With a Bowdabra

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The Bowdabra is a tool that enables you to make bows in many sizes. You can make tiny bows for babies, mid-size ones for tiny girls and larger bows for older young ladies to wear in their hair. You can layer ribbons and a tiny silk flower for a prom or wedding hair piece. These hair bows can be quickly attached to plain barrettes that fit any young child or teenager.

Things You'll Need

  • Bowdabra
  • Barrette
  • Ribbon


  1. Choose grosgrain, cotton or satin ribbon for the hair bow. One half inch or smaller will work best.

  2. Cut a 10- to 12-inch piece of 1/4-inch wide satin ribbon that compliments the color of the bow ribbon.

  3. Slide the ribbon lengthwise into the Bowdabra unit.

  4. Make a loop about 1/2 to 1 inch long with the bow ribbon. Slide it into the center slot of the unit.

  5. Continue making loops until there are four or five on each side. Slide the loops into the unit as you form them. You can add the stem of a small silk flower, beaded pearl spray or a bead on a stem to the top of the ribbon loops.

  6. Take the Bowdabra wand and press it down on to the ribbon in the slot. This will press the center tightly. Remove the wand.

  7. Pull the two ends of the horizontal ribbon up. Cross one end over the other. Tie a loose knot.

  8. Remove the bow from the Bowdabra by pulling up on the two ribbon ends.

  9. Fluff the bow and shape it. Trim the hair bow ends on a slant.

  10. Turn the bow upside down. Place the barrette upside down at the center of the bow.

  11. Thread the ends of the ribbon through the slits in the barrette. Tie tightly to secure. You can also add adhesive from a hot glue gun to keep the ribbon from moving on the barrette bars.

Tips & Warnings

  • You can use two ribbons in one bow. Make shorter loops with the top series of loops when combining two ribbons.
  • Use metallic barrettes for more stability with a hair bow.



  • Photo Credit S. Faloon 2009

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