How to Make an Origami Guitar


The history of origami is debated among historians. It is generally believed that Ts'ai Lun of China invented paper in the year 105 A.D. Historians believe that the art of folding paper evolved soon after that. Buddhist monks introduced paper to Japan in the 6th century, where it evolved into an art form. The first recorded instructions for origami folding appeared in 1797 in the book "Thousand Crane Folding." Now, there are many different variations of origami, ranging from the most simple of designs to extremely difficult.

Things You'll Need

  • Paper
  • Dollar bill
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Bone folder (optional)
  • The piece of paper required is the size of a dollar bill. If you do not want to use an actual dollar bill, place a bill on paper, trace it and cut it out. Lay the piece of paper in front of you with one of the short sides towards you. Fold in half, crease, and open. Fold the sides into the middle toward the back.

  • Fold in half (top to bottom), crease and open.

  • Fold down the top half of the paper to the new middle line, crease and open.

  • Fold the top of the paper to the line you just created, further dividing it in half and open up.

  • Mountain fold the paper like shown, do not open up.

  • Valley fold the paper as shown, crease it, and open up.

  • Bring the bottom of the piece up to the line shown making a valley fold in the middle.

  • The piece will now look like this. Flip the project over.

  • Fold the left corner up to make a triangle and fold the left side over.

  • The triangle corner will look like this. Unfold the left side.

  • Repeat Steps 9 and 10 on the right side.

  • Fold the top sides in half into the middle and crease.

  • Fold the sides into the middle again and crease.

  • Shift the project so the top is now where the dotted line is.

  • The piece will look like this.

  • Open the top flaps and crease.

  • Mountain fold the project in the middle. Fold the top and bottom to that line creating two valley folds. Flip over.

  • Fold the bottom up to the first line with a mountain fold. Fold it to the inside.

  • Make a mountain fold in the middle of the project like shown. Create a valley fold and fold the project on itself.

  • This is what you should have. Flip the project over.

  • Fold the left side up to make a triangle and crease.

  • Fold the triangle down and push it in.

  • You now have the left side of the guitar body created. Repeat steps 21-22 on the right side to make the right side of the guitar.

  • Fold all four corners in. Push the corners in.

  • For the headstock, make a mountain fold and valley fold where indicated.

    Flip the project over and the guitar is complete.

Tips & Warnings

  • A bone folder can be used to create sharper creases, but it is not necessary.

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