How to Make a Police Car Birthday Cake


Birthdays are fun to celebrate. Many times, we celebrate with a party and that party may have some sort of theme. Or perhaps the birthday boy (or girl) simply has a particular interest that you would like to reflect in the design of the birthday cake. If your child has an interest in police cars, and you need a design that is simple and doesn't require much artistic skill, then this article may help you.

Things You'll Need

  • Cake Mix Sheet Pan Sheet of Parchment Paper Maraschino Cherry -or- Red Gum Drop Black Icing White Icing Pale Blue Icing Red Icing Child's Toy Plastic Badge

Making a Cake Look Like a Police Car

  • Bake a sheet cake. Your cake mix will have instructions on cooking times and preparation for making a sheet cake (versus a layered cake).

  • Draw the side-view outline of a car on parchment paper. Remember to put a bump in the center of the car's roof -- for the police lights.
    The car-outline should be as large as possible, but still able to fit within the confines of your sheet pan. Cut out the car outline to use as a pattern. For the round portions of the tire, you can sketch around a glass's rim.

  • Lay the outline on top of the cake, once the cake has cooled. You can "pin" the outline into place with a few toothpicks if holding it in place becomes difficult.
    Carefully cut away the cake outside the outline, leaving behind cake in the shape of a car. Discard the cut away pieces.

  • Remove the car-shaped cake from the pan very carefully to place it on the serving platter. Note: You can leave the cake in the sheet pan, ice it there and serve it from there if you wish. You might consider this option if you are uncertain you can remove the cake without breaking it.

  • Place black icing on the tires and make a wide, horizontal stripe across the length of the car's body.
    Use the pale blue icing to fill in the side windows.
    Now carefully ice the wheel rims and the rest of the car in white. Remember to put a thin, vertical white line between the side windows.
    (Optionally) For extra detail, you can use the black icing again to make another thin, horizontal line across the white to mark the edges of car doors, edges around the "white" bumpers and a line to mark headlights.

  • Decorate the top of the car's roof with either a maraschino cherry or use a red gumdrop.
    Decorate the side of the car (in the middle of the doors) with the plastic, toy badge. This can serve as the focal point for the candles.
    Using red icing, write "Happy Birthday" above the badge. And write your child's name in red icing below the badge.

Tips & Warnings

  • Of course, you can always custom order cakes as many bakeries can "carve" cakes into 3-D shapes. Even most grocery store bakers can provide a variety of cake shapes and designs. See the link below for a custom cake bakery that ships cakes all across America.

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