How to Transfer Money in RuneScape


Trading items and gold is one of the most basic elements of "Runescape," and the basis for free trade, private sales and the exchange of gifts. Just like trading money, trading money uses the game's dedicated trade interface. However, there are some nuances to the system when it comes to trading money. This is especially true when a new free-to-play version player wants to trade their coins; non-subscription players have set trade limits.

  • Meet your trade partner in-game. Transfers outside of the Grand Exchange must be conducted face-to-face, especially when trading large sums of coins.

  • Right-click your trade partner and select "Trade." To trade with others, you both need to be set to accept free trades, or to "Friends-Only" trade permissions if you're on each others friends lists.

  • Select "+ Money Pouch" from the trade window to open your money pouch and select the amount of coins you want to transfer. If you've taken coins from your money pouch and put them in your inventory, you can add them from your inventory instead.

  • Wait for your trade partner to enter any items they are offering you in exchange for the coins, then select "Accept" once they've all been added. Both trade partners must select to accept a trade before it can be completed.

  • Select "Accept" from the "Confirm Trade" window to confirm the trade. This will immediately transfer the money and any items in the trade between you and your trade partner.

Tips & Warnings

  • Once you have the basics of money transferring down, you can use it to arrange private sales and purchases of in-game items, outside of the Grand Exchange. This can be a handy way to get crafting materials in bulk for lower than the Grand Exchange's recommended price, or to sell rare items for more than the Exchange recommends.
  • You can also perform a money transfer by having the gold's recipient post a junk item on the Grand Exchange for the amount to be transferred. The money's sender then buys the item, effectively transferring the funds.
  • You can transfer money by having the sender withdraw the money from their money pouch and add it to their inventory. Both players then head out to the Wilderness. In the Wilderness, the recipient can kill the sender and collect the coins from them as loot. This method is somewhat risky, as another player may happen on you and your trade partner, kill you both and collect the loot.
  • Money can also be transferred by arranging to meet your trade partner in a private location, moving the money to your inventory from your pouch and dropping it in discrete piles for your partner to pick up. You can do the same using items with a set price. This method is risky, as another player who stumbles upon your transaction can pick up the money or items just as easily as your trade partner.
  • Only subscription members can trade unlimited amounts. Free-to-play players are limited to a maximum gold transfer of 25,000 coins. This is to prevent gold farming or real world transactions; to remove this limit you must purchase a subscription.
  • Real world transactions and attempts to circumvent the trade limit are both against "Runescape's" rules, and may result in a ban or other punishment if you're caught.

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