How to Use a Skilsaw


Professionals and weekend warriors alike, from time to time, may require the use of a circular Skilsaw. Whether the Skilsaw is an inline or worm gear type, the proper use of one can mean all the difference in a successful project. By following a few basic procedures you can set up and operate a circular Skilsaw.

Things You'll Need

  • Safety glasses
  • Scrap board
  • Carpenters' square
  • Pencil
  • Put on safety glasses. The best tool you can ever have in your toolbox is a pair of properly fitting safety glasses.

  • Set the scrap board on a level surface and at a height that is comfortable for you cut the board. This can be a set of sawhorses or a workbench.

  • Use the carpenters' square, and with a pencil, mark a square line on the board. Follow this line for an accurate cut.

  • Lay the saw on the board and set the depth of cut for the blade. Loosen the table adjustment set screw located near the rear of the saw. The table will pivot from a fixed point on the front of the saw's frame. Adjust the depth where the blade will protrude approximately ¼ inch below the bottom of the board.

  • Check that the blade's angle is set to a perpendicular or 90-degree cut. This angle guide will be located on the front of the saw's table. The angle guide is used to position the table for a horizontal pitch of the blade in relation to the cutting surface.

  • Plug the saw into a wall outlet. Position the blade's cutting guide in line with the pencil mark. The cutting guide will be located on the top and front of the saw table. It will be in the shape of a “v” and as a small notch. Keep the pencil mark in the lower groove of the “v” as you are making the cut.

  • Start the saw by pressing the trigger switch. Allow the saw to come up to speed. Slowly advance the blade into the piece of wood. Move the saw in a smooth progression through the board until the material is completely cut through. Release the trigger switch and allow the blade to stop before setting the saw down on any surface.

Tips & Warnings

  • Follow the manufacturer's warning and operating instructions when using any power tool.

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