How to Skip Your Period With Ortho Tricyclen Lo


In addition to preventing pregnancy, the birth control medication, Ortho Tri-cyclen Lo, regulates your body's ovulation and menstruation cycles. If you have had irregular periods in the past, they should become regular and reliable when you are on birth control pills. If your period is scheduled to come at an inconvenient time, you can skip a menstruation cycle if you don't take the placebo pills in a pack. It is actually quite simple to skip a period with Ortho Tri-cyclen Lo.

Get a prescription for Ortho Tri-cyclen Lo. You must have a doctor's prescription to get birth control pills.

Know that Ortho Tri-cyclen Lo, like all birth control pills, comes in packs with 28 pills. The first 21 pills in a pack contain the hormonal medication which regulates your menstruation cycles and prevents pregnancy. The other seven pills in the pack are placebo pills. They are merely there to keep you in the habit of taking pills daily.

Be aware that you will get your period during the week that you take the placebo pills. The hormonal medication in the rest of the pills stops you from menstruating.

Start a new pack of Ortho Tri Cyclen Lo once you finish the first 21 pills. This means that you will not take the placebo pills in the pack. You are simply skipping the placebo week and going directly into the next cycle of your birth control medication. By doing so, you will delay your period.

Take Ortho Tri-cyclen Lo for at least three months regularly before skipping your period. Since it takes a while for your body to get used to new medication, wait until it has adjusted before switching things up and skipping your period.

Know that it is more difficult to skip your period on Ortho Tri-cyclen Lo than it is with other birth control pills. Ortho Tri-cyclen Lo delivers varying hormone levels throughout the 21 days you take the pills, whereas most other birth control pills deliver fixed hormone levels the entire time. Some women are unable to completely skip their periods with Ortho Tri-cyclen Lo.

Tips & Warnings

  • Talk to your doctor before you begin skipping periods with Ortho Tri-cyclen Lo.

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