How to Remove a Broken Drill Bit


While doing standard maintenance around the home or while working on an elaborate project, you can accidentally break off a drill bit. A drill bit usually breaks because you put to much pressure on the drill. A drill bit also breaks when you are not drilling perpendicular to the surface; the angle of the drill bit can cause it to break. Removing a broken drill bit is fairly simple to do though.

Things You'll Need

  • hammer
  • vise-grip

Removing a Broken Drill Bit

  • Hammer on the top of the broken drill bit, then tap on each side of the drill bit. This will jar the drill bit free from the area it initial broke at.

  • Tighten a vise-grip as low as you can on the broken drill bit. You want the vise-grip clamped around the drill bit almost flush to the material you were drilling into.

  • Rotate the vise-grip counterclockwise. If you have trouble as you unscrew the bit, pry the drill bit around in the hole by pulling up and pushing down on the vise-grip handles.

  • Unscrew the broken drill bit completely.

Tips & Warnings

  • If the broken drill bit is less than four inches long, throw it away. If it that length or greater, you can cut off the broken end square and re-sharpen the bit with a drill bit sharpener.

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