How Do I Install a Starter Rope on My Snowblower?


The problem with snow removal tools like a snow blower is that when something happens to it, you're trying to use it to remove snow. If the starter rope snapped, you probably haven't even had a chance to start it and remove the snow and now you have a problem. It's probably a good idea to replace the cord every other year even if you don't need to, just to be prepared. At the least, you could buy one and have it on hand until the one in the unit fails. Replacing them isn't overly difficult, as long as you have one or can get out of your yard to the hardware store to get one.

Things You'll Need

  • 1/4-inch drive ratchet and socket set
  • Needle nose pliers
  • New starter rope

How Do I Install a Starter Rope on My Snowblower?

  • Remove the spark plug wire from the spark plug.

  • Use the ratchet and socket to remove the screws on the flywheel cover. There may be two to four, depending on the model. Remove the flywheel and cover by simply pulling them off. The flywheel is attached to the cover with a lock clip.

  • Separate the flywheel cover and the flywheel. Sometimes there's a label/sticker on the flywheel cover that hides the locking clip in the center. Your snow blower may not be as pretty without the cosmetic label, but at least you can get it running. Remove the label.

  • Press the flywheel clip inward using the needle nose pliers to release it from the cover. Be sure to hold the flywheel upward to not let the winding bearing fall out. It's no big deal if it does, but you'll need to place it back into the flywheel appropriately.

  • Locate the cord/rope bottom. It'll be a tied knot on the inside of the flywheel that threads in through a molded hole in the flywheel. Cut the knot or untie it and remove the rope. Unwind the remainder of the rope from around the flywheel.

  • Thread the new end of the rope through the hold in the flywheel, and tie a knot similar to the old knot. Make sure the knot is tight so it does not unravel after the unit is put together and you're trying to start it.

  • Tie the other end of the rope to the ripcord handle and knot it appropriately.

  • Wrap the rope around the flywheel. Be aware that on the inside where the rope starts to wind that there is a groove in the bearing to line the rope into. You may have to also manipulate the winding bearing to align the rope to the pull cord handle so it's taut when reinstalled. When it is taut, press the flywheel and bearing back into the flywheel cover to lock it in place.

  • Replace the flywheel cover and screws.

  • Reattach the spark plug wire to the spark plug and test the starter rope out.

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