How To Make Rope Easter Baskets


Is the Easter bunny making a stop at your house this year? Instead of your usual Easter basket, put your DIY skills to good use and create a pretty, modern rope basket that you can fill with goodies! These lovely little baskets use just a few very simple materials, and can be reused over and over around the house once Easter is long gone.

(Image: Chelsea Foy)
(Image: Chelsea Foy)

Things You'll Need

  • Glue gun
  • Natural cotton piping, 6/32"
  • Ceramic bowls
  • Scissors
(Image: Chelsea Foy)

Step 1

Start with a raw end of the piping. Spread a bit of hot glue along one side of the piping, about 2 inches. Wrap it around itself, creating the start of a coil.

(Image: Chelsea Foy)

Step 2

Continue to spread glue along one side of the piping and coiling it until you have a flat surface about as wide as the bottom of one of your ceramic bowls. At this point, place the coil on the upside-down bowl for support, and start using the bowl as a mold to create the sides of the rope basket.

(Image: Chelsea Foy)

Step 3

Continue placing a line of hot glue on the tail of the cotton piping and wrapping it around the bowl, glueing the rope to itself (be careful to not glue the rope to the bowl). Follow the contours of the bowl until your basket is almost as tall as the bowl itself. Remove the rope basket from the bowl at this point.

(Image: Chelsea Foy)
(Image: Chelsea Foy)

Step 4

Leave a bit of slack in the tail of the cotton piping, and skip 2 or 3 inches of glue, glueing the piping down again after a blank space. This will create one handle on your basket.

(Image: Chelsea Foy)

Step 5

Glue the rope down around half of the basket, and repeat the handle process on the other side of the basket.

(Image: Chelsea Foy)

Step 6

Glue down the tail of the piping up to the first handle. Cut the piping so that there is a tail remaining, long enough to reach the opposite side of the first handle.

(Image: Chelsea Foy)

Step 7

Glue down the tail of the piping, threading it around the inside of the handle and underneath the handle so that it meets on the opposite side. Use hot glue to smooth the rope down without any fraying.

(Image: Chelsea Foy)

Now make as many baskets as you like! These baskets are such a snap, and you can customize them into all kinds of fun, different shapes.

(Image: Chelsea Foy)

Help the Easter bunny fill them with lots of little goodies for Easter morning, and you'll be all set!

(Image: Chelsea Foy)
(Image: Chelsea Foy)

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