How to Replace the Mass Air Flow Filter Sensor on a Buick Century


It sounds technical and intimidating. It has tripped the check engine light a couple of times on your Buick Century and is now affecting the performance of the engine. It's an expensive component to replace as you may already know. But if you've ever replaced the air filter in your Buick, you are qualified to install the mass air flow sensor in it as well. A screwdriver and a degree of tenacity will save you about an hour's worth of labor charges incurred from the local repair shop or dealer and it won't even take you an hour.

Things You'll Need

  • Screwdriver
  • Release the hood latch and open the hood to the Buick Century.

  • Locate the air filter box and air tube. It is on the driver's side just behind the headlight assembly. The MAF sensor is located in the center of the air tube which is connected to itself in sections by band clamps.

  • Loosen the band clamp on the outlet clamp located on the air box using the screwdriver.

  • Loosen the band clamp at the opposite side of the air tube by the motor.

  • Unclip the wire harness plug inserted into the MAF sensor using the screwdriver as leverage.

  • Pull out the vacuum air flow line the plumbs into the air tube. You may have to twist it slightly and then separate.

  • Remove the entire air tube connected from the air box to the engine. This might also be a good time to open your air box and inspect and perhaps replace your engine air filter.

  • Loosen the band clamps on the air tube on either side of the MAF sensor. Remove and discard the sensor. Insert the new one respectively in the same position and tighten the band clamps one at a time.

  • Reinstall the air tube to the side of the engine and the air box. There is a tab on the tube on the air box side that fits between a molded guide. Make sure the tube is secure and completely wrapped around the housing on both sides for a tight and secure fit. Tighten the band clamps on each side.

  • Plug the wire harness plug back into the new MAF sensor and the air vacuum hose back into the air tube.

  • Remove the screwdriver and close the hood.

Tips & Warnings

  • You may very well have to have the engine code cleared by a code clearer or scan tool. Most parts stores may have them in stock and would most likely offer to do this for you for free if you bought the MAF sensor from them.

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