How to Make Lanyards for Kids


If you're a scout or have gone to sleepover camp, chances are you're familiar with lanyard--also called gimp, boondoggle or scoubidous. This article discusses one of the most basic of lanyard stitches--the box stitch. You can use this stitch to create a basic lanyard keychain, or you can combine it with other stitches to form a completely different project.

Things You'll Need

  • 2 strands of lanyard Scissors
  • Cross the two strands of lanyard at their centers and place them on a flat surface. Call the strands "Strand A" and "Strand B."

  • Curl one side of Strand A over Strand B to form a loop. Then curl the other side of Strand A over Strand B in the opposite direction to form another loop. Hold these two loops in place with your less dominant hand.

  • Hold one side of Strand B in your dominant hand. Weave it over the loop closest to it and under the loop farthest from it. Then do the same thing, in the opposite direction, with the other side of Strand B.

  • Take two adjacent strands in each hand and pull to tighten the box stitch.

  • Repeat Steps 2 to 4 to add more box stitches to the lanyard. Continue until the woven lanyard has reached the desired length.

  • To end the lanyard, repeat Steps 2 to 3 one more time, leaving the stitch loose. Then, one at a time, pull each strand around the loop to its left and up through the middle of the loose stitch. When all of the strands are coming out of the center, pull them to tighten the last stitch.

  • Cut off the remaining ends of the lanyard.

Tips & Warnings

  • Make sure to pull each stitch equally tight for an even appearance. You can attach a safety pin to the beginning of the lanyard while you are working on it. This might help you avoid losing your project. If you'd like, you can add a lanyard hook to make a lanyard keychain.
  • Do not mix up the order of the strands of lanyard. If you do, your lanyard will look lopsided.

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