How to Remove a Bed From a Chevy Truck


Even though the bed on your 2014 Chevy 1500 is almost half the body of your truck, you can remove it quite easily as long as you have the help of at least three other friends. You don't need any special tools to remove it, but you will need eight, 8-inch lengths of M12-by-1.75 threaded steel rod to install it.

Things You'll Need

  • Two large blankets
  • Socket set
  • Ratchet
  • Phillips screwdriver
  • Threaded steel rod (eight 8-inch-long pieces M21 by 1.75 thread)
  • Torque wrench
  • Inch-pound torque wrench


  • Lay out two blankets in such a way that both sides of the bed will rest on them. Open the gas door. Remove the three screws that secure the fuel filler housing to the bed, using a socket and ratchet.

  • Open the tailgate and tilt it half way down. Lift each tailgate support cable so it points straight out. Raise the support cable clip over the bolt, then push the cable forward and rotate it down.

  • Disconnect the electrical connector for the rearview camera, if equipped. If your truck is equipped with electronic tailgate assist, hold the tail gate about 2 inches from latching position. On non-assisted models, hold the tailgate half open. lift the passenger side off its pivot point, then lift the opposite side. Set the tailgate aside.

  • Remove the two screws for each taillight housing. Pull outward on each light, then disconnect the wiring harness. Set the taillight assemblies aside. Push the wiring harness for the taillights through the hole in the bed. Follow the wiring harness for the taillights and license plate lights and gently pull the retainers from the bed.

  • Slide under the Silverado and locate the four bed mounts on each frame rail. Remove the bolts from each mount. Lift the bed off the frame with the help of three other helpers. Remove the bed from the truck and place it on the blankets.


  • Tip the bed up on one side and thread a length of threaded steel rod into each mounting hole on the bed. Pick up the bed, align the mounting pins with the mounts on the frame rails and lower the bed into place. Remove the steel rods one by one and install the bed mounting bolts. Tighten the bolts to 63 foot-pounds with a torque wrench.

  • Route wiring harness for the rear lights and back up camera, press fitting the harness retainers as you work toward the rear of the bed. Plug the center wiring harness into the license plate lamps. Route the taillight harness into the taillight cavities.

  • Connect the wiring harness to the taillight assemblies. Press fit the assemblies, then snug the retaining screws. Guide the driver side of the tailgate into its pivot, followed by the passenger side.

  • Install the support cables to the tailgate. Connect the wiring harness to the backup camera, then shut the tailgate. Align the holes in the fuel filler housing with the holes in the bed filler cavity. Install the screws and tighten them to 44 inch-pounds with an inch-pound torque wrench.

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