How to Change an Exhaust Manifold on a Expedition


On the Ford Expedition what connects exhaust pipes to the engine is an exhaust manifold. The manifold can be made up of one or two parts depending on the year, but its job is to secure a pipe end over each of the exhaust ports of the Expedition's engine. In order to remove this component of the truck's exhaust, you must be able to access both the engine bay and the under carriage of the vehicle. Remove an exhaust manifold on an Expedition to repair a leaky gasket or install a better performing exhaust system which includes a new Expedition exhaust manifold.

Things You'll Need

  • Ford Expedition New exhaust manifold Portable lighting Vehicle lift Jack stands Penetrating oil Wrenches Utility knife Gaskets
  • Lift the front end of the Ford Expedition high enough off the ground to easily access the undercarriage of the truck lying on the ground. Secure the vehicle's weight using two jack stands to support the truck during the removal of the Expedition exhaust manifold.

  • Place a portable work light under the vehicle to illuminate the work area under the passenger compartment and up under the engine where the pies meet the motor via the exhaust manifold.

  • Spray the bolts and fasteners of the exhaust manifold and the catalytic converter flanges.

  • From inside the engine bay remove the oil dip stick and tube from the engine. When removing screws, fasteners, nuts and bolts, always remember to reassemble the parts exactly as they were removed. Make each fastener with a notice of location for reinstallation at a later time. Use cups as containers for the different fasteners that you will be working with during the removal and installation of a new expedition exhaust manifold.

  • Disconnect the catalytic converters front and back from the pipes leading to the engine and back to the muffler. Keep track of the bolt locations and have new gaskets available when reconnecting the exhaust parts. From under the vehicle, break loose the manifold bolts that can be reached from underneath. Do not remove them at this time. Only loosen them for removal after all the nuts have been freed from a secure position.

  • Move to inside the engine compartment and loosen the exhaust manifold nuts that are reached from inside the engine bay. Loosen but do not remove them until all have been loosened.

  • Remove the retaining bolts from the bottom of the exhaust manifold leaving the top bolts in place. Move to inside of the engine compartment and finish removing all the securing fasteners that remain.

  • Slide the exhaust manifold from the retaining bolts and maneuver the manifold out from the engine compartment from the top.

  • Once the manifold is removed, clean the engine deck that holds the manifold of any debris, old gasket, or defects from rust. This surface will receive the new exhaust manifold and should be completely flat and prepared to make an even connection.

  • Install a new exhaust manifold gasket over the retaining bolts of the engine deck and slide the new exhaust manifold over these guide posts.

  • Twist the nuts over the bolts but do not tighten completely. The nuts will have to be tightened evenly and at the correct tightness to seal the exhaust system. Working top to bottom or back to front, tighten the nuts evenly. The new gasket will create a tight seal in between the new Expedition exhaust manifold and the engine exhaust ports when done correctly.

  • Reconnect the Y-pipes of the catalytic converter to the pipe ends extending from under the engine and back to the muffler. Use new exhaust gaskets where necessary to keep the entire exhaust system closed and free from leaks.

  • Recheck all securing bolts, nuts and fasteners. Reconnect the oil dipstick and tubing into the engine and secure using the tube mounting bracket.

  • Start the vehicle and check for any leaks.

Tips & Warnings

  • Use a leverage bar to increase the length of your wrench handle to get more twisting torque on a nut for loosening. An extension arm makes the task of removing stuck parts much easier.
  • Working under a vehicle increases the risk of eye injury from falling debris. Wear protective eyewear when removing an Expedition exhaust manifold to prevent rust materials from damaging your vision.

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