How to Make Kinkos Posters


When you're having an event or need to advertise your product in person, one of the most important pieces of marketing materials you can have on hand is a full-size poster. The poster needs to be large enough so that people several yards away can see what you are selling and either come to you or remember your product or service for future reference. Kinko’s has a full catalog of options for making your own medium, large and billboard-size posters. The more posters you buy at once, the better your rate.

Choose what size poster you want. Kinko's allows you to design your poster in the following sizes (by inches): 18 by 24, 24 by 36, and 36 by 48. Custom sizes are also available at most stores. The prices start at about $40 for 18-by-24 posters.

Design your poster using your image design or layout software in the size that you chose. Many people like to design posters in Adobe Photoshop, Quark Express or Adobe Illustrator. If you want the poster to "bleed," meaning that there is no white border around the edges, then you will need to size your poster with an extra 1/4 inch of space around all of the edges. So for example, if you have a 12-by-18 poster, your image should be sized to 12 1/2-by-18 1/2 inches. The extra 1/4 inch (top, bottom, left, right) is where Kinko's can cut off the edges; there should be no important text or photos in that extra 1/4-inch area.

Save your finished poster file as a TIF or PDF file. Kinko's personnel usually prefer to receive the files in one of these two formats because all the fonts and images are embedded into the file so that everything prints exactly as shown onscreen. Burn the finished file to a CD and take it into Kinko's.

Fill out an order request with a Kinko's representative and be sure to let him or her know the following: what type of poster paper it should be printed on, bleed or no bleed, laminated or not, and color or black-and-white. Kinko's can also mount your finished poster onto a board, which is perfect for meetings, conference events and fairs.

Tips & Warnings

  • You can also submit your order for a Kinko's poster online. Just upload your file or email it (compressed into a zip file) to the store, pay for the order, and go pick up the poster when it's completed.

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