How to Remove a Shower Door From Tile


If you are in the mood to do some remodeling in your bathroom and are ready to get started, one of the first things you have to do is remove the old stuff. Some items you can save, such as the glass shower door, the sink and the toilet. Care should be taken when removing a glass shower door so that it can be used again--or just so that you don't break the glass and make a mess of your bathroom. If you clean it up well, you may be able to sell it and your other bathroom items either in a yard sale or through an online auction site.

Things You'll Need

  • Screwdriver 5-in-1 scraper Citrus oil-based cleaner Waterproof caulk
  • Get someone to help you. As you are unscrewing the door, you will need someone to hold it as it loosens or it will sway to one side, making it difficult to unscrew and remove.

  • Look at the top of the frame if it is a framed door. There should be a couple of screws that hold a cover plate in place. Remove these screws first. This will show you the other screws underneath, inside the frame.

  • Remove the adjustable pivot screw bolt from the top of the frame that holds the door. It will be a larger screw that the door swings on when you open it. You should now be able to lift the door up a little, enough to get it out from the bottom hole. Swing the door out from the bottom first and then the top.

  • Unscrew the top outside screw from the frameless glass door hinge where it is screwed to the wall. With someone holding the door, unscrew the rest of the screws until the door can be lifted from the wall.

  • Unscrew any screws that might be holding the framework in place. The frame might have to be pried loose with the 5-in-1 scraper, as it is probably caulked in place. Slide the scraper flat against the tile and under the framework. Pry it upwards and work the rest of the way under the frame until it is loosened and can be pulled away.

  • Wipe down the tile with a citrus-oil based cleaner to remove any residue. There will be a couple of holes in the tile where the screws were inserted, but they can be caulked shut or used for the next door, depending on how you remodel.

Tips & Warnings

  • Be careful not to chip the tiles when scraping the old caulk off

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