How to Build a Grill Out of Propane Tank


If the feel of a tool in your hand and the aroma of a lit grill are sensations you cannot resist, this project is for you. It's a way to recycle that old propane tank in the yard, save money when you grill and deliver that unmistakable flavor that only charcoal can give to a dinner. Not to mention giving yourself a do-it-yourself story that can be told for years. With only a few tools and inexpensive parts, you can be cooking on your new grill in a couple of days.

Things You'll Need

  • Leather work gloves Safety glasses Empty propane tank Air compressor with hose and air spray nozzle Roll of duct tape Reciprocating saw with bi-metal blade 2 adjustable wrenches 2 wrought-iron hinges Wrought-iron handle Drill with 3/8 inch and 5/8 inch bits 10 bolts (3/8 inch x 1 inch) 10 nuts (3/8 inch) 24 washers (3/8 inch) 2 pieces angle iron (3 inch x 3 inch x 5 feet) 4 bolts (5/8 inch x 3 inch) 4 nuts (5/8 inch) 8 washers (5/8 inch) Round point shovel Bag of concrete Bleach Rags Disposal container Liquid soap Grill rack to fit your tank Small sledge hammer

How to Buil a Grill out of a Propane Tank

  • Use an adjustable wrench to remove the fittings from the top of the tank. Insert the air nozzle from your compressor into one of the holes and fasten it to the tank with duct tape. Wrap the tape securely so that the nozzle will not come out. Turn the compressor on low to purge all of the fumes from the tank.

  • Turn off your compressor and remove the nozzle from your tank. Lay the tank on its side. Use your reciprocating saw to remove all protrusions from the outside of the tank and cut the tank in half lengthwise.

  • Use your soap, rags and bleach to thoroughly clean both halves of the tank thoroughly. Remember to dump all waste into your disposal container so that you can dispose of it properly later.

  • Use your drill with the 3/8-inch bit to make holes in one half of your tank for your hinges. Use your 3/8-inch hardware and wrenches to attach both hinges to the tank. Line up both halves of the tank, mark the hinge holes on the unused side, drill the new holes and attach the hinges to this side, fastening both halves together.

  • Drill two holes in one end of both angle irons with your 5/8-inch drill bit. Mark these holes only on the bottom half of your tank. Drill the support holes in your tank and attach the tank to the legs with your wrenches and 5/8-inch hardware.

  • Dig two holes 18 inches wide by 18 inches deep. Stand your grill up in these holes. Use your hammer to knock the legs into the bottom of the holes 6 inches deep. Pour 1/2 bag of concrete mix into each hole and add the recommended amount of water. Allow the concrete mix to harden at least 24 hours.

  • Use your 3/8-inch drill bit to make 10 holes in the bottom of your grill. Pour charcoal into the bottom of your grill, put in your grill rack, light the charcoal, let the flames die down, add food and enjoy.

Tips & Warnings

  • Working with tanks can be hazardous. Keep observers out of the work area and stay focused on the task at hand. Working with compressors and power tools can be dangerous.

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