How to Convert a Cardboard Box in to a Cage


If you find yourself with a small animal that needs to be confined temporarily in a cage, here is a simple way to make a makeshift cage out of a cardboard box.

Do not assume that the cage is completely secure, however. For best results, place the cardboard cage on a surface with the created "door" at the top to prevent the animal from escaping.

Things You'll Need

  • Scissors or X-Acto knife Duct tape
  • Choose a medium-sized cardboard box that is sturdy and in good condition. With a scissors or X-Acto knife, cut off the flaps from the side of the box that is open. Save these flaps.

  • Apply duct tape to all loose flaps on every other side of the box to make sure that the box is secure and closed up tight.

  • Make the door for the cage. Measure the length and width of the open side of the box. Using the saved flap pieces of the box, construct a cardboard piece that will fit this opening. Use the scissors to trim the pieces to fit, and use duct tape to tape them all together into one piece. Create several small holes into this door with the X-Acto knife to allow the animal to breathe.

  • Attach the door of the cage by fitting the created door into the opening. Make a hinge by taping one side of the door to a corresponding side of the box. Tape it securely and test to make sure that the hinge operates.

  • Make a small tab at the bottom edge of the door out of duct tape for opening. Take a 6-inch piece of duct tape and fold it over onto itself to adhere it to itself, except leave a 2-inch sticky end. Attach this sticky end to the inside of the door at the bottom edge and allow the tab to stick up from the closed door. This is where you pull the door open.

  • Place the small animal in the box with the door on the top, and close the door.

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