How to Paint Brass Cabinet Pulls


Painting your brass cabinet pulls is an inexpensive and attractive way to update your kitchen. There's no need to spend all that money on buying brand new pulls when you can just paint the ones you have. The three main steps of painting brass pulls consist of preparation, painting and applying a protective topcoat. Brass is a durable and timeless material that can be successfully painted with the right preparation and follow up.

Things You'll Need

  • Cleaner or soap and water Sandpaper, steel wool or scouring brush Newspaper or dropcloth Primer spray Spray paint of your choice Polyurethane coating spray
  • After removing the pulls from the cabinets, clean them thoroughly with soap and water or a cleaner. Greased Lightning or other cleaners with ammonia are particularly effective at removing dirt and grime from brass cabinet pulls. If necessary, soak the brass pulls to remove heavy dirt.

  • Depending on the level of corrosion, you must abrade the surface with sandpaper, a scouring brush or steel wool. This step is particularly important because the corrosion on brass hardware will keep primer and paint from adhering to the pulls.

  • Lay newspaper or a drop cloth down to protect your surface. Arrange the pulls so that you can reach each one easily.

  • Spray on the primer, following manufacturer's instructions. Spray one side completely. Let it dry and then spray the other side. Spray the most visible side last. Continue this process until each pull has been sprayed completely.

  • After the primer has completely dried on all sides, spray the brass pulls with the paint you have chosen. Follow the manufacturer's instructions. Again, spray one side completely, let dry, then spray the most visible side last. Continue this process for each pull.

  • Apply a final layer of polyurethane coating after the primer has dried completely. This will give the brass pulls a clean and shiny surface as well as protect them from wear and tear.

Tips & Warnings

  • There are a variety of spray paint finishes available at your local hardware store to simulate various metal techniques such as hammered brass or weathered patina. You may find one that compliments the décor of your kitchen. Handle the newly painted pulls as little as possible for the next few days so that they can dry completely.
  • Refinish your brass pulls outside if possible. If you must work indoors use good ventilation when applying paint and polyurethane.

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