How to Build an Audio Rack


Buying an audio rack for your stereo equipment can be expensive depending on its size and construction material. You can save money by designing one to your own specifications and building it with a few simple tools.

Things You'll Need

  • Two or Three 4 by 8 Sheets of 3/4-inch Smooth Finish High-Grade Veneered Plywood 1 1/2-inch Wood Screws Shelf Brackets One 10-foot 2 by 4 wood Table Saw Screwdriver Wood Grain Polish or Paint of Your Choice

Building Your Audio Rack Step By Step

  • Some planning is needed to determine the number of audio components your rack will hold and if you want any spare space for new equipment. Components usually include tape decks, CD players, DVD players, receivers and turntables. Optional shelves are also found on audio racks for media like CDs and DVDs.

  • Once you determine the number of shelves your rack will need, measure the wood for the construction. As a general rule, shelves should be 2 feet wide and 16 inches deep to ensure ample room. Measure your shelves on the 3/4-inch plywood. Measure an additional section for the top of the unit, which will be 2 feet 1 1/2inches by 16 feet .

  • Measure the sides of your rack. Take the number of shelves by 10 inches for spacing between each one plus 3/4 of an inch for each shelf. Add an additional 3 inches for bracing on the bottom to hold up the sides securely. This will give you the correct length for the two sides. The width will be 16 feet to match the depth of the shelves.

  • Cut all of your pieces with a table saw. Sand any rough edges and coat the pieces with wood varnish or paint.

  • From the bottom of each side panel, measure up 13 and 3/4 inches and install the first set of shelf brackets. Attatch one approximately 3 inches inward from each edge of the panel. Measure up 10 and 3/4 inches again to install the next set of brackets and repeat this measurement for each additional shelf.

  • Take your 2 feet and 1 1/2-inch by 16-inch top section and screw the 16-inch edges of the sides of the rack to this section. Make sure the side edges are screwed tightly underneath the top section.

  • From the bottom of your rack, measure up 2 inches and securely screw in another shelf section to both sides directly above the 3-inch line.

  • The bottom of your rack must be sturdy so the sides do not wobble. Take your sections of 2-foot-long 2 by 4 wood and screw them in an equally spaced fashion underneath the bottom shelf section to the sides using two screws for each end. The first one will be flush with the front of the rack underneath. Fasten the other three going toward the back. The rear will be flush with the back of the rack.

  • Stand your rack up and lay the additional shelves on the shelf brackets.

Tips & Warnings

  • Be cautious when using power tools.

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