How to Make Paper Flowers & Leaves


Paper leaves can add a great finishing touch to arrangements of paper flowers. To attach the flower and leaves together, you'll need stems made from green pipe cleaners, floral wire or tightly rolled pieces of green paper. Pipe cleaners are often the easiest to work with, and they're flexible, allowing you to shape the flowers any way you wish. To make the paper flower and leaves look more realistic, you can add veins, highlights or shading to the petals and leaves using colored pencils.

Things You'll Need

  • Colored paper
  • Green paper
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Tape
  • Green pipe cleaners
  • Colored pencils (optional)

Make a Paper Tulip Flower and Leaves

  • Draw six petals on colored paper, or use the rose petal template linked below. The petals should be wide at the bottom, and fairly narrow at the top.

  • Cut out the petals and arrange them in a circle, with the narrow ends pointing out, overlapping the lower edges of the petals. Glue the petals together where they overlap in the center of the circle, then bend the petals up to form a cup shape.

  • Bend the end of a green pipe cleaner slightly, and glue or tape it to the bottom of the tulip.

  • Draw several tulip leaves on green paper, making each leaf wide at the bottom and pointed at the top, and about as tall as the stem. Cut out the leaves.

  • Wrap the pointed end of each leaf around a pencil to curl it, then remove the pencil. Glue the wide ends of the leaves to the bottom of the stem.

Make a Paper Daffodil Flower and Leaves

  • Cut five large, pointed petals from yellow paper, or use the daffodil petal template linked below. Glue the ends together, so that they look like a star.

  • Cut a strip of orange paper about 1 1/2 inches tall and 4 1/2 inches long, then glue the narrow ends of the strip together to make the daffodil cup.

  • Cut small slits in one side of the cup and bend them out slightly, to make the cup more three-dimensional.

  • Glue or tape the cup to the center of the daffodil. Glue or tape the end of a green pipe cleaner to the back of the daffodil, and bend the top of the pipe cleaner.

  • Cut several long, narrow strips of green paper for the leaves. Trim one end of each strip of paper so that it forms a point. Fold each strip in half lengthwise, then unfold it to make a crease in the center. Glue the straight, narrow ends of the leaves to the bottom of the stem.

Make a Paper Violet Flower and Leaves

  • Cut five small petals from purple or lavender paper, or use the short gloriosa daisy petal pattern linked below. Each petal should be narrow at one end, and wide at the other.

  • Arrange the petals in a circle with the narrow ends toward the middle. Glue the petals together in the center.

  • Cut a green pipe cleaner in half, and glue or tape the end of the pipe cleaner to the back of the violet.

  • Draw several small heart shapes on green paper. Cut out the leaves and cut a short, narrow strip of green paper for each leaf. Glue the end of the strip to the top (curvy end) of each heart shaped leaf.

  • Glue the paper stems to the pipe cleaner.

Make a Paper Sunflower and Leaves

  • Cut a medium or large circle from brown or black paper.

  • Cut enough narrow, pointed petals from yellow paper to go all the way around the circle. (You may want to use the same template as the daffodil petal.) Glue the ends of the petals around the edges of the circle.

  • Glue or tape the end of a green pipe cleaner to the back of the sunflower.

  • Draw several large heart-like shapes that are wide at one end and pointed on the other on green paper. Cut out the leaves.

  • Glue the wide ends of the leaves to green pipe cleaners, then attach the leaves to the sunflower stem by twisting the leaf pipe cleaners around the stem pipe cleaner.

Tips & Warnings

  • To make fall leaves from paper, you can trace real leaves, or download and print the leaf templates linked below.
  • Supervise children carefully when working with scissors, and choose age appropriate crafts.

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