How to Make a Dog Shaped Pinata


Children and adults enjoy the excitement of breaking a piñata at a party and gathering the goodies that spray out. You can make a dog piñata to go with the dog or puppy theme of your child's or an adult's birthday party. You can also make it for a party that honors the family dog and fill it with bone shaped doggie snacks. This is a project that will save you money because you can recycle materials that you have in your home.

Things You'll Need

  • Two 12-inch round balloons
  • Newspaper
  • Flour or white glue
  • Cardboard tubes from paper towel
  • Paint or crepe paper streamer rolls
  • Cardboard
  • Packing or masking tape

Getting Started

  • Tear one to two entire newspapers down the length of the sheets into 1- to 2-inch wide strips.

  • Blow up the two round balloons being sure that one is about half the size of the other. The larger of the round balloons will be the body, the smaller, the head piece. Tie the two round ballons together securely.

  • In a large bowl prepare papier mache paste of your choice or use the following ingredients. For a glue base, mix 1 cup water and 2 cups white glue thoroughly. For a flour and water mix, measure 2 cups of flour in the bowl. Slowly add 2 cups cold water, stirring well. Continue mixing until the flour and water are thoroughly mixed and a smooth consistency. You made need to make an additional batch of paste.

  • Immediately dip and saturate several newspaper strips at a time into the mixture. Lay wet strips on the round ballons and plaster them to the surface until each entire round balloon is covered. Keep adding paper to the mix as you go. Create the neck area by wrapping paper around the area where the balloons are tied together. Wrap at least three layers over the balloons to completely cover the air filled material. Set round balloons aside on a piece of plastic to dry thoroughly for 24 hours at least.

  • Test to see if the paper mache is dry. It will be dry and hard to the touch. Insert a corsage or safety pin point into the paper mache to break the balloon.

  • Draw triangles on cardboard for the two ears and a long rectangle for the tail. Cut the pieces out, shaping the tail as desired.

  • Tape the ears, tail and cardboard legs securely to the paper mache dog.

  • Draw a rectangle shape on the belly of the paper mache dog. Cut one of the long and two short sides of the rectangle with an X-acto knife. Pull this 'door' open. This will be where you will stuff the goodies for the piñata.

Finishing Touches

  • Choose one of two ways to finish the dog. Paint or cover the entire dog with crepe paper fringing.

  • Paint the dog. Use an acrylic paint to brush on and cover the entire head, body and legs of the dog. Paint on the eyes, mouth and any other features.

  • Add crepe paper fringing. Choose crepe paper streamers in any color you desire. Cut the streamers into strips that will go around the different areas of the paper mache dog.

  • Cut half the way through the width of the streamers every half inch to create fringe. Use white craft glue or double-sided tape to secure the fringe to the papier mache. Wrap the fringe around an area and fasten in place. Wrap the next fringe piece so that it covers the strip of uncut streamer with the fringe of the second piece. Continue with each fringed strip until everything is covered. Cut the eyes and other features from lightweight cardboard. Paint or cover these features with crepe paper to finish the dog.

  • Fill the papier mache dog with party goodies and tape the area securely closed.

Tips & Warnings

  • Fishing line or mono-filament makes a secure hanging material for a papier mache piece. Tie it around the neck of the piñata.

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