How to Make an Easter Bunny Mask


Whether you’re searching for masks for your youngster’s Easter celebration or looking for an extra special costume accessory for her dress up box, skip the ordinary store-bought variety and make an Easter Bunny mask that will have any child eagerly hopping along. Get your kiddo involved in the craft making fun by having her help you put the mask together and then let her customize it with glitter, paint and gemstones.

Things You'll Need

  • Construction paper
  • Paper plate (optional)
  • Pink pompom
  • Craft glue
  • Chenille sticks
  • Hole punch (optional)
  • 1/4-inch-wide ribbon
  • Lay the paper plate or construction paper on your work surface and draw a large lima bean shape. When using the paper plate, the lima bean should take up approximately two-thirds of the plate. Cut out the shape.

  • Hold the paper up to your child's face, with the outer curve of the lima bean against his brow. Make marks on the mask for the eye holes, then cut out oblong circles large enough for your child to see out of the mask clearly.

  • Glue a small, pink pompom to the center of the mask, about an inch below the eyes. If the mask is for a young child, draw the nose instead to avoid a choking hazard.

  • Cut 3 chenille sticks in half and glue 3 halves on either side of the nose to make bunny whiskers. If you don't have chenille sticks, cut long, thin strips of paper to use instead.

  • Fold a large piece of white construction paper in half and draw a large bunny ear shape. The ear should be approximately one-third longer than the width of the mask and about three times as wide as the eye holes at the ear's widest part. Cut out the shape through both layers of paper to create 2 ears.

  • Fold another piece of construction paper in half to make the Easter Bunny’s inner ears. Use a pink, gray or light brown sheet of paper to add contrast. Draw another ear shape on the construction paper, making it approximately two-thirds of the size of the outer ears. Cut out the shape through both layers of paper and glue the inner ears in the center of the outer ears.

  • Arrange the ears at the top of the mask. Center each ear above the eye holes behind the lima bean mask and glue the bunny ears in place.

  • Make a hole on either side of the mask. You can use the pointed end of a pencil or a hole punch to make a larger hole. Cut two pieces of 1/4-inch-wide ribbon, thread one piece through each hole and tie the ribbons to either side of the mask.

  • Hold the mask against your little Easter Bunny’s head and tie the ribbon ends in a bow to secure the mask.

Tips & Warnings

  • To make a fluffy bunny, cover the lima bean mask and bunny ears with stretched-out cotton balls before adding the pompom nose and chenille stick whiskers.

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