Fishing With Bait Oils


A number of sport fish have an extremely fine sense of smell, and you can take advantage of this as a fisherman by using bait oils. Bait oils give off a very powerful odor, and it is this odor that can attract fish to your bait. Fish are predatory, and like the smell of other fish, shrimp and eggs. In fact, the right smell can really make fish go wild. Basically, you can either marinate the bait you normally use in the bait oil, inject bait oil right into your bait, or pour bait oil onto your bait. This can give you a huge advantage when it comes to reeling in the really big ones.

  • Utilize a normal plan of attack in targeting the fish you want to catch. For example, if you have had success catching carp on the bottom of the pond using bollies, stick to this game plan. Get your bollies. For an added advantage, however, try a bait oil.

  • Attract different fish by using particular bail oils. For example, Catfish and Carp are attracted to a fish bait oil scent featuring garlic. Trout are attracted by a corn bait oil scent. Pure Herring oil attracts Salmon. Krill oil attracts Steelhead, Salmon and Trout. Anise oil attracts Mackeral and Drum.

  • Utilize the bait oils in different ways, depending upon what you are fishing for and the type of regular bait you are using. For example, if you are using an artificial lure to catch trout, pour some corn scent on your lure before you cast. If you are using cut fish bait to catch Mackeral, inject bait oil into the cut bait using a special needle provided with the product. Basically what this does is to cut a cavity in the cut bait where you can squirt the bail oil. If you are using a dough ball or a bollie to catch Carp, marinate or soak your bait in the bait oil before putting on the hook. You do not want to marinate in bait oil very long, because your bait can become too soft and will likely not stay on the hook as well.

  • See how the fish react to your secret advantage.

Tips & Warnings

  • Some companies offer a heavy oil that will go to the bottom and put out a scent which will attract bottom feeders like catfish, flounder and sturgeon.
  • Sardine oil is something that will attract any fish.
  • Some fishermen made their own homemade recipes featuring anise oil in combination with other fish oils and ground up fish by products.
  • Fish can be greatly aroused by the scent of something they love to eat. For example, a bait oil made from sand shrimp will really attract trout and crappie. If you are going to the trouble and expense to use bait oils to improve your day on the water, be very careful not to get other scents from your hands on your bait. Fish do not like these smells. The negative scents include gasoline, crankcase oil, suntan lotion and beer.

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