How to Solve the Bridge Murder Mystery in "Baldur's Gate 2"


The PC role-playing game Baldur's Gate 2 makes many quests available to the party of adventurers that will gain them a higher reputation in the eyes of the common folk of the city of Athkatla. The people of the Bridge District are currently being terrorized by a murderer who skins his victims alive. If the party can find the culprit, they will be hailed as heroes of the district.

  • Break out of the dungeon at the beginning of the game and escape into the city of Athkatla.

  • Travel to the Bridge District. Once the party arrives, they will be approached by a town guard who will tell them about a series of murders that have been occurring in the district.

  • Speak with the tanner named Rejiek in his nearby home. He will deny being involved, but his actions should arouse the party's suspicions that he knows more than he is telling.

  • Leave Rejiek's home and speak with various people in the district to gather clues about the killer's identity. Slip some gold coins to the prostitute named Rose; she will tell the party that she smelled some kind of berries at the murder site. Then go speak with the homeless man named Rampah, who will claim that leather was found at the scene of the crimes.

  • Find the shop owner named Bel and ask him about the murders. He will give the party some items for Rose to smell in order to identify what exactly was at the scene of the crime. Speak with Rose again, and she will confirm that what she smelled was something used by the tanner in his shop.

  • Return to the tanner's home and tell him you have the evidence proving he committed the crimes. Rejiek will then attack the party. Once the fight is over, tell the town guard that you solved the mystery.

Tips & Warnings

  • If you take Rejiek's body to the inspector in the Government District, he will give the party a reward.

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