How to Build a 2-Seater Go-Kart


Driving go-karts is a fun activity for many people. Some people even drive a go-kart rather than a car for short distances. Of course, go-karts are not allowed on most streets and highways, but they are a great transportation method for neighborhood and country driving. One of the main drawbacks of a go-kart is that usually only one person can ride at a time. However, if you build a go-kart, it is possible to make it large enough to be a suitable ride for two people. This will make driving go-karts twice as fun!

Things You'll Need

  • Tape measure
  • Large wooden plank (big enough for two seats)
  • Medium-sized engine (it has to have enough power to support the weight of two people)
  • Sheet metal
  • Graph paper
  • Bicycle breaks
  • Butterfly steering wheel
  • Round plastic tubing
  • Two go-kart seats
  • Knowledge of basic driving laws
  • Steering system
  • Table saw
  • Heavy duty chains and sprockets
  • Welder
  • Four to six quad tires (tires equipped with front razers and rear paddles work best)
  • Spray paint (optional)
  • Two headlights (optional)
  • Two steel axles
  • There are many basic designs and plans for making your own go-kart. For a two-seater go-kart, you will need to design a structure that is sturdy enough to support the weight of two people. Just remember to distinguish between plans for two children and plans for two adults. The adult design should be sturdier to handle the extra weight.

  • Start construction with the base of the go-kart. Use the wooden plank as a base and cut to a kart shape. You can either round the edges or leave them square. Attach the bicycle breaks and wheels to the base of the go-kart. Make sure to use a sturdy axle. Two tires per side in the back might be necessary. Use the rubber tubing to make the outer frame of the go-kart.

  • Attach the engine to the back of the go-kart. Weld the engine to a metal plate bolted to the back of the go-kart. Stabilize the engine with metal brackets or cloth bands. Attach the engine shaft to the axle.

  • Attach the go-kart steering system and butterfly steering wheel to the front of the go-kart. Attach the steering system and steering wheel to the wheels and axle systems. Make sure the steering works with the engine you are using. Be sure to leave enough room for both seats.

  • Bolt both seats to the floor of the go-kart. Make sure they are sturdy and are not loose anywhere. Add headlights, if desired, and a license plate. Paint the go-kart your chosen color. Let dry. Now your go-kart is ready for testing. Grab a buddy and two helmets and try it out. Correct any flaws in your go-kart setup before bringing onto any well-traveled roads.

Tips & Warnings

  • There are many great go-kart design plans on the Internet if you don’t want to create your own go-kart design.
  • No child should attempt this project alone. Adult supervision is required at all times.
  • When using power tools and welding equipment, be sure to wear all safety equipment such as gloves and goggles.

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