How to Win at Freeciv


To win at ,need to pay incredibly close attention to detail. A winning Freeciv strategy begins with micromanagement and progresses to macromanagement. A few simple strategies will keep you on the right track the whole way through.It should be noted right from the outset that Freeciv is one of the most addictive games available. That it is free and readily available for download makes it that much more of a public mental-health risk. Know your limits.

  • Grow! Always strive to increase the size of your cities. Unless there is an imminent threat from one of the artificial-intelligence enemies, you should do everything you can to see that your food surplus is at least one or two in each city. The Pyramids Wonder is a boon in this regard. Try to get it early on.

  • Expand. Whenever possible, do not let your production of settlers stagnate. Try to have at least one in production at all times while the rest of your civilization produces other goods. Alternately, you can conquer enemy cities or incite revolts to expand. The number of cities you have is proportional to your chances of winning the game.

  • Get rich quick, and don't be afraid to spend gold. Don't just save up gold for a rainy day. Put it to work for you right away by buying goods that would otherwise have taken a long time to produce. One way to have your cake and eat it too is by obtaining the Adam Smith Trading Company, for which you will need the Economics technology. The Adam Smith Trading Company makes all city improvements of upkeep 1 free. That means free barracks, free harbors, free libraries, free courthouses and much more.

  • Get all the Wonders you can, even if it means sacrificing a few things. Wonders do untold good for your civilization, in ways that are mathematically hard to calculate.

  • Keep those citizens happy at all costs! If you need to max out food at the expense of production to do this, so be it. It's better to have a small, happy city that sticks around, than a large, unhappy one that causes civil war. For this, famines are actually a good thing. (Let them eat cake.) Get one or two happiness Wonders, or all of them if possible.

  • Choose your battles wisely. When a city of yours is first attacked by another civilization, either throw your entire civilization into saving that city and defeating the invasion, or just let the city go. You may need to make a judgment call. If you think there is little chance of stopping the invading forces, leave it alone and instead fortify your other cities that are nearby. You can take the conquered city back later.Also, allow other civilizations to destroy each other. If you see more than one civilization represented on an island, you can bet the two parties are busy weakening each other. Leave them alone and sail for other shores.Target the strongest enemy civilization.

  • Make efficient use of movement routes. Instead of sending troops or other units over great distances to perform a task, consider using a relay system instead. For example, instead of sending one musketeer 15 spaces, just send him into the nearest city that also has a good defending unit. Send that unit to the next city, and the next city's unit to the next, and so on, until your destination is close at hand. That way, you get instant transportation of a like unit, even while keeping your cities defended. With this in mind, always strive to have a number of backup troops in the pipeline that you can scoot over three or four spaces.

  • Use roads and railroads to defend your own territory. They are the easiest ways to send in reinforcements from one city to another. Keep in mind that roads and railroads also provide trade resources, as long as they are on grass, plains or tundra. Therefore, in the beginning, try to have your worker units create roads everywhere there is grass, plains or tundra. Later, you can fill in the gaps over mountains, forests and all the rest.

  • Get to know the City dialog. Understand what each category represents, and develop the skill of being able to glance at it to learn how your civilization is doing. This part will take practice. From there, you can macromanage your civilization, rather than opening up each city to change production, reassign troops and so on. This saves you lots of time in the real world.

  • When you are in first place and feel you could win, start selling off all your improvements. Start with your city walls and barracks, as you will be be on the offensive and will no longer need those improvements. Continue on by getting rid of those expensive universities and other science-related improvements, as you will no longer need to be researching better weapons. This way, you can get instant money for new troops or for inciting city revolts in enemy cities.

  • Use momentum to carry you through to victory. After all the careful planning, now is the payoff. The more cities you conquer, the faster you will be able to produce money and goods, and the faster you will take over the entire world.

Tips & Warnings

  • Get to know the keyboard shortcuts. They will save you plenty of time opening up menus.
  • Many people have found Freeciv to be one of the most addictive games available. This is not praise for the game, but a sincere warning. Only play Freeciv if you have a well-developed ability to stop whatever you are doing at any time. Seriously.

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