How to Edit Anime Pictures


The distinctive look of anime characters is a worldwide phenomenon. Anime fans can take advantage of certain tools available on PCs and on the internet to collect, save and edit anime pictures.

Things You'll Need

  • Anime pictures
  • Internet
  • Computer
  • Photoshop
  • Paintshop pro
  • Photobucket
  • MS Paint

How to Edit Anime Pictures Using MS Paint

  • Collect anime pictures whether online or by purchasing cards with pictures of anime characters sold in stores specializing in games and toys. If you have a Japantown in your city, there are bookstores that sell pictures, trading cards or manga books featuring anime characters. Anime pictures not purchased via download online can be scanned into your computer for digital editing. For online downloads of anime pictures, you can find a lot to choose from at and

  • Save your anime pictures on your local drive, DVDR, CDR, floppy disk and USB flash drive. You can save your scanned or dowlonloaded anime pictures as a TIFF, GIF, JPG or JPEG format for easy editing.

  • Edit your anime picture using MS Paint. Go to Start>Programs>Accessories>Paint. Then open your anime pictures folder from whatever media you saved them into. Right-click on the picture then click "Copy" or hir "ctrl" and "C" on your keyboard. Open MS Paint. On the blank page right-click and then click on "Paste" or hit "ctrl" and "V" on your keyboard.

  • Browse the tool choices on the left . For example, the anime picture in the accompanying photo has a girl with a baseball cap with a drawing of a skull. If you want to remove the skull from the baseball cap, click on the eraser icon or tool on the left as shown in the image.

  • Drag the eraser over to the area you want to erase, for this example on top of the drawing of a skull logo on the baseball cap. Drag the eraser back and forth over the skull until the logo or image of skull has been removed. Try not to go past the lines of the skull so as not to erase other areas.

  • Fill in the erased portion with the same color as the rest of the baseball cap. Start by clicking on the paintcan on the tools menu on the left.

  • Drag the paintcan over the area you have just erased, then click on it to fill with the black paint. Notice that since black is the default color for MS Paint you do not need to click on another color swatch on the color panel.

  • Click on "File" and then "Save" to save your newly edited picture. You can do a bit more with MS paint--you can cut images or change color of the background.

How to Edit Anime Pictures Using Photobucket

  • Sign in to your Photobucket account by going to If you are not a member yet, you can register for a free account.

  • Upload your anime picture to your Photobucket album.

  • Open your Photobucket album and choose the anime picture you want to edit. Click on "edit images." The editing window with the anime picture will pop up.

  • Choose any of the editing tools available on the page. On the top tab you have these choices: Basic, Effects, Decorate, Beautify, Distort, Layers and Geek. When you open each tab there are different tool choices to do the job. For this anime example, we will choose the "Decorate."

  • Click on the editing tool of choice in the "Decorate" tab. To accomplish the same task completed in Section 1 using MS Paint, we will remove the image of the skull from the girl's baseball cap. Click on "Erase," which has the icon that looks like an eraser.

  • Drag the pointer to the area you want to erase. You can adjust the size of the brush by adjusting the button to the left (-) or right (+). Click on "Done" when finished.

  • Click on "Draw," which displays as a pencil icon. Choose the brush size by sliding the button to the left (-) or right (+).

  • Click on "Color." In this case we will stay with the default black color since the color to match is black, but you can choose other colors as well.

  • Drag the pointer to the area you want to fill in with color. Click "Done" when you are finished. This will take you back to the previous menu.

  • Click on the options below the screen: "Cancel," "Save a Copy" or "Replace Original."

Tips & Warnings

  • When working on Photobucket, you can choose to work on full screen by clicking on "Full Screen," then press "esc" on your keyboard to go back to the website view.
  • There are other software options available in the market for purchase. The samples above are available for free. Other options would include professional-level applications such as Adobe Photoshop and PaintShop Pro.

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