How to Draw a Castle

Castles are fun and easy to draw. If you can learn to draw a castle, you can paint a mural on a child's bedroom walls. You can make a painting of a castle on canvas for a girl’s room. You can even illustrate a story about castles and knights. It will bring you lots of fun, and it may just inspire you to come up with even more creative uses for a castle drawing.


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      Start by drawing three rectangles. You will have a large rectangle in the center. Two narrow rectangles should stand tall on each side.

    • 2

      Add another rectangle above the center rectangle. It should also be tall and narrow.

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      Add caps on your narrow rectangles. They are shaped like triangles, but the sides are curved inward. You made the towers of the castle. Once you have the caps on your three tall rectangles, add two more rectangles with caps slightly behind the two outside towers.

    • 4

      Add detail to the large center rectangle. This should create a type of dental molding line. Add curved windows to your towers and the main part of the castle. Also, add flag poles and flags to the top of each tower.

    • 5

      Draw a moat, bushes and trees around the castle. Create a path leading up to the castle. Draw a drawbridge door across from the front door. Keep in mind that it should lead across the moat.

    • 6

      Add additional brick details to the castle, and use markers or colored pencils to add color to the drawing. Add background sky and a horizon line as well.

Tips & Warnings

  • You can add as many towers as you like. It's also a good idea to play with patterns and details in your drawing.
  • Don't spend too much time on your initial castle drawing. Practice a few times before expecting any sort of perfection.
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