How to Play Steal the Bacon


Steal the Bacon is a very active game that requires two teams of players and a large open playing area such as a playground or gym. Children who are at least 7 years old enjoy playing this.

Things You'll Need

  • Baton or other item for the Bacon
  • Chalk or painted lines
  • 20 or more children
  • 1 Referee
  • Divide the children into two equal teams of players. Use chalk or designate a painted line to mark the boundary on one side of the playing area for one team. Mark or designate another boundary on the other side of the playing area for the other team. Arrange the children so that they are standing side by side on their line facing the opposing team. Count off the players so that one player on each team shares a number.

  • Place the baton or item, "the bacon," on the ground in the center of the playing area so that it is located an equal distance from both teams.

  • Start the play by having everyone chants a taunt: "Bacon Bacon Whose Got the Bacon?" Then the referee calls out one number. The players from each team which share the number race out to the center where the bacon is. The goal is to grab the bacon and race back behind their team's boundary without being tagged by an opponent. Only the players whose numbers have been called are permitted out on the field. The referee has the right to call more numbers to release other pairs of opponents if the original players are having difficulty grabbing the bacon.

  • Score a point for the team whose players manage to race back behind their line with the bacon before an opposing player can tag them. No points are awarded for tags. Play until one team has however many points that you determine as the winning goal.

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