How to Hem Lace Curtains


Beautiful lace curtains can add feminine charm to any room, but it can be very frustrating if the curtains you bought do not fit your window. Perhaps you love them, or perhaps you cannot take them back to the store. Learn how to hem lace curtains for ease in home decoration.

Things You'll Need

  • Lace Curtains
  • Iron
  • Ironing board
  • Sewing Machine
  • Matching Thread
  • Straight Pins
  • Measure the length of the window from curtain rod to window sill. This is the length you need the lace curtains to be. This assumes that the lace curtain is already sewn at the top for use with a curtain rod or other hardware.

  • Lay the lace curtain out flat on a table, and measure the appropriate length from the top to the hem. Use straight pins to gently mark how long the lace curtain needs to be. This will be the hem line where you will sew.

  • Move the lace curtain to the ironing board and stretch it out flat. Set the iron at the appropriate heat setting for the type of fabric the lace curtain is. Allow it to heat up all the way before using.

  • Fold the bottom edge of the curtain up halfway to the pin marking the appropriate length of the finished curtain. Iron this crease flat all the way along the edge of the curtain.

  • Fold the new bottom edge of the curtain up one more time until it is even with the pins. Use the iron to press this seam flat. Make sure that both the top and bottom seams are perfectly straight and not buckled in any way.

  • Sew a straight seam with small, tight stitches down the entire length of the folded over hem. Sew this near the top of the fold next to the pin line. If you like, or if the folded lace pocket is large or fluffy in any way, make another stitch line closer to the bottom.

Tips & Warnings

  • Pin the folded lace edge after you iron it for flowing lace that will not crease.
  • Test the lace fabric with your iron before using it. Lace is delicate.
  • Keep the hem small. If there is excess fabric, cut it off before hemming the lace curtain.

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