How to Make a Shoe Box Suitcase


Looking for a fun and inexpensive craft activity to share with your kids? Perhaps you're planning a road trip and searching for something to spice it up for your child. A shoe box suitcase might be just the thing. And, unlike many craft ideas, this one actually serves a practical purpose. Here's how it's done.

Things You'll Need

  • Shoe box
  • Adhesive tape
  • Scissors
  • 6 brass fasteners
  • String
  • Fabric

How to Make a Shoe Box Suitcase

  • Use heavy adhesive tape to attach one of the long sides of a shoe box lid to its box. Perform this step with the shoe box lid firmly in its regular place over the box. Two to three layers of tape are suggested, depending on the strength of the tape. This will create your suitcase's hinged lid.

  • Open the lid of the shoe box completely. Because the outside of the box is taped (see Step 1), the lid should open like any other hinged lid. Once the lid is fully open, use the adhesive tape to tape the inside of the hinge to the inside of the box. Again, two or three layers of tape are suggested. Your suitcase lid should now be firmly in place, held strong by four to six layers of tape. For identification purposes in proceeding steps, the long, hinged side of the suitcase will be referred to as the back, while the other side will be called the front.

  • Turn the suitcase on its side, so that the back is face down on the floor. Using scissors if necessary, punch one small hole into the front of the suitcase, right in the middle, into the shoe box itself. Punch another small hole into the shoe box lid, directly across from the first hole. Insert a brass fastener firmly into each hole. To keep the suitcase shut, wind a piece of string around the brass fasteners.

  • Take some fabric and fold it in on itself three times to create a rectangle that is one inch wide and five inches long. Using scissors and four brass fasteners, attach the fabric to the front of the suitcase by punching two brass fasteners into each side (the one-inch sides, that is). Leave some slack in the middle for your hand--this attached piece of fabric will serve as your suitcase's handle. Shoe box suitcase is complete.

Tips & Warnings

  • When taping the hinged lid to your suitcase, be sure to tape the entire length of the hinge.
  • Even after your suitcase is complete, it will still be somewhat fragile. It's best not to carry around large, heavy rocks.

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