How to Color Coordinate Closets


If having to move every article of clothing in the closet just to find articles that match is not your idea of how to start a morning, then color-coordinating a closet is one way to avoid this. It is very simple to do, and the end result is extremely satisfying.

Things You'll Need

  • A large, flat surface for laying items taken from the closet
  • Plastic bags in various sizes

How to Effective Color-Code Your Closet!

  • Take everything out of the closet. Literally, strip it to the bare walls, leaving only those items that are permanently attached or otherwise cannot be easily removed.

  • Wipe down or dust all surfaces; vacuum or sweep and mop the floor. Allow surfaces to dry thoroughly, if necessary.

  • Pile everything on the flat surface. Make as many piles as needed to avoid items falling or sliding off onto the floor, but leave room for sorting.

  • Before sorting the first item, get rid of anything that has not been worn or used in one year, or has not been mended or repaired in that same amount of time. Be ruthless. This will make the sorting much easier.

  • Place all items being discarded into plastic bags. Label the bags so that it will be easy to tell which ones have articles that will be donated or given away, and which have articles that will be thrown away.

  • Immediately throw away the articles so designated; put the articles to be donated in an automobile trunk.

  • Decide how the remaining articles will be sorted besides by color—sweaters with sweaters, for instance, or matching outfits hung next to each other.

  • Begin sorting the remaining articles. If there is enough room, lay items out individually, instead of in piles.

  • Depending on the sorting method chosen, begin coordinating colors.

  • Start returning items to the closet, as you coordinate colors an place articles in the appropriate areas.

Tips & Warnings

  • A good time to do this is during a change of seasons. Unless you have season-specific clothing, it is not necessary to do this each time a new season begins.
  • If possible, move “off-season” clothing to another closet or storage area. If this cannot be done, simply move the current season’s clothing to the middle and immediate sides, pushing the other clothing back as far as it will go.
  • Allow plenty of time for the task. A rainy day is perfect.
  • Changing your mind about how you want to sort articles while right in the middle of the task is fine.
  • Remember that drawers (if there are any) need purging, cleaning, sorting, and coordinating, also.
  • Be careful when removing articles from the closet. Don’t try to carry everything out in one trip.
  • Some clothing hangers may have wire crooks. These can scratch the skin if not handled properly.
  • Don’t stand on anything that is not meant to hold you. Use sturdy step stools or small utility ladders, if needed.

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