How to Throw Away Used Motor Oil Properly


Once you have changed your oil, you are faced with the challenge of how to throw away the used motor oil properly. As governments, businesses and people have become more environmentally conscious, it has become easier to recycle your used engine oil. Your used motor oil can be recycled and made into lubricating oils or industrial burning oils to name only a few uses. Not only does recycling your used engine oil conserve energy sources, but it also keeps the oil out of the landfills and the groundwater.The small amount of time and energy it takes to properly dispose of your used motor oil is far outweighed by the positive impact that it makes.

Things You'll Need

  • Clean waterproof container

Throw Away Used Motor Oil Properly

  • Drain Motor Oil into a Container: The container must have a tightly closing cap, and also be clean and waterproof. You do not want anything getting into the oil or any of the oil getting out.

  • Drain Your Oil Filter: Your engine oil filter is also recyclable. It will contain oil when it is removed, so care must be taken in draining this oil into the same container as you are putting the rest of the oil.

  • Label the Container: If you have to store the container for an extended period of time, or others have access to where the oil is stored, then you will want the container labeled.

  • Store in a Safe Place: Until you have the opportunity to take the used motor oil to a recycling center, make sure you have a secure place away from children and animals to store the engine oil and the engine oil filter.

  • Transport to a Recycling Center: When you have the opportunity, take the used motor oil and the oil filter to a recycling center. There are numerous options in your area, regardless of where you live, to recycle your used engine oil and filter.

Tips & Warnings

  • *Gallon milk jugs are commonly used to hold used motor oil. It will take more than one gallon jug for a change of oil.
  • *You can purchase containers at auto parts stores or stores such as Wal-Mart that are specifically designed to capture your motor oil and provide secure storage till the time to take it to a recycling center.
  • *Businesses that change motor oil will generally accept your motor oil to add to their own to recycle.
  • *Many local recycling centers also accept used motor oil.
  • *Most gas stations that sell motor oil will accept your used motor oil for recycling purposes.
  • *Car dealerships will generally accept your used engine oil to be recycled.
  • *Businesses such as Advance Auto and others will recycle the engine oil you give them.
  • *Do not allow water to get into the recycled motor oil. Just like oil contaminates water, water contaminates oil and it cannot be recycled once contaminated.
  • *Make sure your used motor oil container has not previously contained bleach, anti-freeze, other household chemicals or other oil based products.

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