How to Tie a Floral Bow


Floral bows make any arrangement of flowers or plants look amazing. Plus, once you learn how to tie a floral bow and arrange flowers like a pro, you won't have to spend money at the florist anymore!

A floral bow dresses up any flower arrangement or plant.
(Sara Budisantoso)
  • Wire ribbon
  • Twist tie
  • Extra ribbon of the same color
  • Scissors
Gather all of your materials.
Sara Budisantoso

Choose the ribbon color you'd like to use for your project.

Wire ribbon comes in all different widths and colors.
Sara Budisantoso

Measure about 8 inches of your wire ribbon. This will be one of the tails for your bow. Next, make a loop with your index and thumb and hold it tight.

Hold the loop securely with your fingers.
Sara Budisantoso

Now that you have your first loop, make seven more loops. Have each loop get larger and then decrease in size as you go along. You should have a total of eight loops.

Make seven more loops for your bow.
Sara Budisantoso

Pinch the base of your ribbon inward and fasten with a twist tie. Make sure it is secure so your loops do not unravel.

Note: You can skip the twist-tie step and just tie a knot with your extra ribbon. Just make sure you tie it securely.

Do not let your loops unravel.
Sara Budisantoso

Take some your ribbon and wrap it around the base you just fastened with your twist tie. This will hide the twist tie.

Wrap ribbon around the base.
Sara Budisantoso

Fluff up your loops to form your floral bow. You can arrange them to your liking.

Form your loops into a bow.
Sara Budisantoso

Cut your ribbon tails to your liking and attach your floral bow to your floral arrangement.

Your bow is ready for your arrangement.
Sara Budisantoso

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