How to Install a Coolant Flush Kit


Flushing a car's cooling system is a simple procedure if you install a coolant flush kit. Over time the coolant in the cooling system breaks down and becomes contaminated. Flushing the system removes the old coolant and makes it possible to replace it with the proper mixture to insure that the car doesn't overheat in the summer or freeze up in the winter.

Things You'll Need

  • Razor knife
  • Radiator flush kit
  • Blade screwdriver
  • Garden hose
  • Old section of garden hose with a female end
  • Five gallon bucket
  • Locate the car's heater hose. This rubber hose runs from the engine through the fire wall and into the heater in the interior of the car.

  • Select the proper flushing tee from the coolant flush kit. Each kit has flushing tees of various sizes to match the size of your heater hose. The ends of the flushing tee match the interior diameter of the heater hose.

  • Cut the heater hose with the razor knife. Be careful not to make the cut in an area where it might also nick or cut any other nearby hoses. Make the cut as square and neat as possible. Keep the ends of the cut hose up to minimize spilling of the coolant in the hose.

  • Slide a clamp (included in the kit) onto each of the cut ends of the heater hose. These clamps will secure the flushing tee in place when you install it.

  • Insert one end of the flushing tee into each side of the cut heater hose, and push each end of the hose as far onto the flushing tee as possible. Keep the cap and the top of the flushing tee straight up for easy access. Slide the clamps over the hose and the inserted ends of the flushing tee. Tighten each clamp with the screwdriver to secure the flushing tee in place.

  • Remove the flushing tee's cap and screw on the back flow preventer (included in the kit). This component has a black female hose fitting on one end that fits onto the male threads of the flushing tee. The other end of the back flow preventer has a yellow female hose fitting that attaches to the male threads of a garden hose.

  • Attach the splash diverter (included in the flushing kit) by removing the car's radiator cap and pushing the long end of the splash diverter into the radiator's fill opening. This is a friction fitting, and when you push it down into the opening, it snaps into place, forming a tight seal.

  • Screw the old section of hose with the female fitting onto the male threads of the splash diverter and place the other end of the hose section in a five gallon bucket to catch the old coolant. Screw the male treads of the garden hose to the back flow preventer. Start the car's engine and turn the car's heater on high. Turn the garden hose on and flush the old coolant out into the bucket.

Tips & Warnings

  • Dispose of the old coolant properly. It's dangerous and illegal to drain it or pour it on the ground , into a drain or into a gutter.

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