How to Make a Sailor Moon Costume


Anime fans love to dress in their favorite characters' costumes, and few are more recognizable than Sailor Moon. It can take a little work, but you can attend your next anime convention dressed up like the Champion of Love and Justice, Sailor Moon.

Things You'll Need

  • White unitard
  • Dark blue felt or other cloth
  • Red ribbon
  • Red boots
  • White gloves
  • Gold locket
  • Gold tiara
  • Blond wig with red odango hair pieces
  • Start wit a plain white unitard or sleeveless bodysuit. Attach to it a dark blue naval collar and a short, dark blue skirt.

  • Make two large bows out of bright red ribbon. Attach one to the chest of the unitard and the other to the lower back where the unitard connects with the skirt.

  • Attach a gold locket to the center of the front bow. For added detail, paint the front of the locket pink with a gold crescent moon.

  • Create a gold tiara. The easiest way to create one may be to cut one out of lightweight cardboard and cover it in gold wrapping paper or spray paint. Attach a plastic red jewel to the center and fit it on your forehead, over your ears.

  • Take a blond, Lady Godiva-style wig (where the air goes down to the legs). Tie the hair into two long pigtails, securing each one with red hair scrunchies (or odango hair pieces, which is what Sailor Moon really uses).

  • Complete the costume with white elbow-length gloves and red knee-high boots. Put red wristbands at the ends of the gloves. Put small crescent moon designs at the front ends of the boots.

Tips & Warnings

  • Costumes of the other Sailor Soldiers would only need slight variations. Sailor Mercury's suit, for example, has a dark blue collar and skirt and light blue bows. The same style boots are blue, and her hair is blueish-black in a bob.
  • For Sailor Mars, use a red collar and skirt and purple bows. Her hair is back length and black, and she wears red pumps instead of boots.
  • Sailor Jupiter's suit has a green collar and skirt with pink bows. Her green boots have laces in front and her brown hair is tied back in a long ponytail.
  • A Sailor Venus costume would have an orange collar and skirt with very dark blue (indigo) bows. The shoes are orange pumps and the hair is back-length blond with a red ribbon in back.

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