How to Crush a Can of Soda


When most people think of crushing a soda can they think of putting it on the ground and stomping on it. There are other ways to crush a soda can that don't involve using your foot. It's much cooler to crush cans without your feet. Follow these steps to impress your friends with your can crushing abilities.

  • Drink all of the soda and rinse it out if you're crushing cans inside so you don't make a mess.

  • Use your head to crush the can. Place can drinking side down on a level surface such as a table or counter. Squeeze the can slightly to make a small dent.

  • Grab onto the counter to brace yourself and slam your forehead into the can using a lot of force. Avoid hitting the can or counter with the bridge of your nose. Squeeze the can to make a small dent--this makes the can easier to crush.

  • Fill an empty soda can with a small amount of water. Use oven mitts to grab the soda can with tongs and heat the can over a Bunsen burner or a gas range until you see steam coming out.

  • Still using the tongs, turn the can upside down in a bowl of ice cold water. The steam will create a vacuum effect and crush the can.

Tips & Warnings

  • Wear safety glasses when using the water method to crush a can.
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