How to Make Fake Diarrhea


There are a few situations when you'd need to make fake diarrhea. Luckily, it's surprisingly easy to make from a variety of substances.

  • Use dirt or mud if you're trying to make fake diarrhea outdoors. Make sure there are no rocks, twigs or leaves in it to give it away though or people may wonder what you've been eating.

  • Melt some chocolate in your microwave or over your stove and drop it into the toilet. If you can't melt it, try sticking it close to your skin in the wrapper to warm it up. Mash it up and drop it into a toilet.

  • Try mashed up beans or refried beans. Dump them into the toilet and let it sit for a little while for extra authenticity.

  • Add a little bit of corn to your fake diarrhea or un-mashed up beans if you want a little extra authenticity.

  • Put a little food coloring in tomato paste to turn it as brown as possible. Try blue and green food coloring if possible. Dump it into the toilet.

  • Mix coffee grinds and maple syrup together. The coffee grinds make the maple syrup thicker, but shouldn't be obviously seen in the mixture or the person you're trying to trick will figure it out.

Tips & Warnings

  • Turn the fan in the bathroom on so no one wonders why it doesn't smell in the bathroom.
  • Avoid dumping your fake diarrhea onto the carpet. Not only will it probably stain, but whoever cleans it up may figure out your fake diarrhea is made up of food products.
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