How to Scandisk a PC on Windows Vista


Scanning your hard drive removes errors, unused files and files that are just taking up space. The process only requires about 10 minutes, and it is highly likely scanning will improve speed while freeing up disk space.

Easily Scan Your Disk Drive

  • Click on the “Start” button then “All Programs.” On the menu find “Accessories” and click on it. This opens a sub-menu. Find “System Tools” and click on it. Find “Disk Cleanup” and click on it. This opens the window called “Disk Cleanup Options.” Under “Choose which files to clean up,” click on “My files only”; a window opens that asks you to “Select the drive you want to clean up.” Your choices are the main hard drive (C) and the subdivided hard drive (D). Most people choose the “C” drive. After making your choice, click OK. A window opens telling you “Disk Cleanup is calculating how much space you will be able to free on (C). This may take a few moments.” Shortly a window comes up informing you how much space Disk Cleanup will save. A number of boxes are checked on a list, indicating that files in these areas will be deleted. You may choose to un-check some of the boxes. You can also view the files by clicking on the “View Files” box. To run Disk Cleanup, click OK. A window comes up asking you “Are you sure you want to permanently delete these files?” Click “Delete Files.” A window opens with a bar showing you the progress on the cleanup. This only takes a few seconds. When the window disappears, the cleanup is complete.

Cleanup Tips

  • Under “Disk Cleanup Options,” the program gives you the ability to scan the hard drive for all users of the computer or just you, your choice.

    Most people do not customize the areas Disk Cleanup will clean but click OK to proceed with the areas Windows chooses.

    No need to restart your computer after running Disk Cleanup.

    In Windows Explorer, you can browse for the Disk Cleanup icon and drag it onto your desktop. This automatically creates on icon for easy access.


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