How to Clean Up BBs


If you go target shooting, you have probably noticed all of the BBs lying around on the ground. BBs are not all that expensive to buy, but the cost can add up if you practice a lot. Next time you are at the range, why not make the area look a bit cleaner, and get yourself some free BBs by picking up those on the ground.

  • Put your hand on the ground near the BBs with your pinkie touching the ground and your thumb up in the air. Sweep your hand towards you, pushing the BBs into piles. Pick them up by the handful.

  • Use your index finger and thumb to clean up BBs one at a time if they are scattered too far apart to sweep them together.

  • Empty the dust container on a hand held vacuum and suck the BBs up into the vacuum. Open the vacuum up and pour the BBs out when you are done cleaning them up.

  • Use a small, hand-held broom and a dustpan. Sweep the BBs into the dustpan.

  • Get the whole group involved. If you are at the range with other people, get everyone to help with the clean up. The more people working the faster the job will go. Have each person start in a different spot.

  • Put the BBs into a plastic bag as you pick them up.

Tips & Warnings

  • Check the BBs before you re-use them. Some may have cracked on impact. Throw away the cracked ones.
  • Any BBs that are dirty should be cleaned before they are re-used. To clean them easily, put them in a pail with warm water and swish them around. Then drain out the water, and lay the BBs on newspaper to dry.
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