How to Make Duct Tape Hats


Someone has said duct tape is like The Force (from Star Wars) because it has a dark side and a light side and holds everything together. Some people have taken duct tape out of the "holding things together" business and into fashion. People make all kinds of clothes with duct tape from hats to suits and shoes. You can easily make duct tape hats to match any style of hat.

Things You'll Need

  • Tin foil
  • Duct tape
  • Hat
  • Find a hat to use as a mold/form. Use a hat that fits your head well. You can use any type of hat from a baseball hat to a cowboy hat or fedora.

  • Use a table with a clean, level surface.

  • Place the hat on the table and cover the top of the hat with one layer of foil. Make sure the foil covers the entire top of the hat and is as smooth as possible. Press the foil along creases and folds so that the foil takes on the exact shape of the hat.

  • Cover the entire top of the foil mold with the duct tape while the foil is still on the hat. You can run the duct tape in circles around the crown of the hat (part that sticks up). When you are done adding the duct tape, examine the top of the hat to make sure you can't see any foil. Don't put duct tape on the bottom of the hat yet!

  • Turn the hat over and remove the original hat used to create the mold.

  • Put duct tape on the underside of the hat to cover the rest of the foil. Use one hand on the outside of the hat to provide support as you add duct tape to the inside of the hat.

  • Try the hat on to check the fit. If the hat needs to be tighter, add more tape to the inside of the hat. Make the hat bigger by slicing the back of the hat, adjusting for size and applying fresh duct tape.

  • Examine the hat to make sure all of the foil is covered with the tape. Also, look for sticky pieces on the hat and cover them with tape as well.

Tips & Warnings

  • Give your duct tape hats a good brim by adding a piece of cardboard around the brim of the hat you use as a form. The cardboard goes on top of the foil.
  • Don't rush when you apply duct tape on a hat. You need to lay the duct tape on the form in smooth, even strips to avoid air bubbles and bumps.

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