How to Repair a Clothes Dryer


Putting your clothes in the dryer and then finding out it does not work can be a very frustrating situation. What most people don't know is that fixing a dryer does not always have to result in a call to your service repair person or having to buy a new dryer, just read these tips so you can repair a clothes dryer yourself.

  • Determine that the dryer will not run by trying to turn it on. Make sure the dryer is plugged in, the door is completely closed and that the timer is correctly set. Find the switch by opening the door. Press the switch and release it, and if it doesn't click it will need to be replaced.

  • Look inside the drum of the dryer if a noise is heard while the dryer is running. Check the dryer for parts that may be vibrating or loose.

  • Check the dryer vent for lint blockages if the dryer is taking too long to dry clothes. If the vent goes out the roof, consider moving it to a place where it can exit the house near to the dryer and make sure it is at least four inches wide. Verify that the vent goes outside and not into a wall or crawl space.

  • Shut off the gas valve if there is a natural gas odor around the dryer. This pertains to natural gas dryers only. Air out the area around the dryer if the smell is mild, and light the pilot light only when the air is clear. If there is a strong odor, open all doors to ventilate the house and get everyone outside. Make sure the gas supply valve is turned off and call the fire department or your gas supplier.

Tips & Warnings

  • If you don't feel comfortable making repairs to your appliances, contact a service repair technician.
  • If you smell natural gas around your dryer never use electrical switches, light matches or ignite anything that could cause an explosion.
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