How to Catch a Thief

Unfortunately, we live in a society where we need to be on the constant lookout for people who want to steal from us. You may have been previously robbed at either your home or business and are looking to catch the person in the act again. You can use several methods to catch a thief.


    • 1

      Set up a home monitoring system. A home monitoring system involves the use of imaging technology to record areas of your home or business that you wish to keep secure.

    • 2

      Put in flood lights. Flood lights can be used to catch a thief trying to break in or at the very least to scare them off.

    • 3

      Install a security system within your home or business. Security systems can alert the authorities to potential break-ins on your property. Slomin's Shield and ADT are trusted names in security.

    • 4

      Use the webcam on your computer to catch a thief. You can set up your webcam to double as a security camera. Read the operating instructions that came with the webcam to find out how to store images.

    • 5

      Get a guard dog. A dog can protect your home and attack when thieves break into the premises. The dog may need to go through a training program in order to understand how to safely protect your home.

Tips & Warnings

  • If money comes up missing at your business, you can try to arrange a situation which allows you to catch the thief in the act.
  • You should never try to catch a thief by using physical force or running after them. Contact local authorities to handle the matter.
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